When looking for an apartment complex for college there are a lot of different factors to take into consideration: location, price, wards, size, and one of the most important, amenities. There are many complexes that don’t have any amenities at all and there are others that have almost everything you need. The Lodge is a […]

The Lodge Events

It’s no secret that the social atmosphere is one of the best parts about college living! At The Lodge, we provide so many opportunities for our residents to get out and meet each other. We strongly believe that the more we present opportunities for our residents to meet one another and enjoy their schooling, the […]

Welcome to The Lodge!

Why the name change? You probably know our complex as Mountain Lofts, and many people have been wondering… what’s up with the new name? Well, we are thrilled to let you know we have been under new ownership for the past couple semesters. The new owners have come in and upgraded the apartments and the […]